Tuesday, 31 August 2010

SC2: Lower league tactics

                                                              The Zealot Rush

Now it does indeed depend on your race and how you choose to open. Do we believe this tactic is overpowered? Here's how it's done: 
Initially, mine and create probes. Then, take your 7th probe, build a pilon and scout. The 8th probe should build a gateway then mine. Your 9th probe should follow suit. As soon as your first gateway has completed, build a zealot and another probe. Following this, once the second gateway has completed you should be able to create two more zealots. Rush immediately. This tactic is extremely effective regardless of oppoent skill. I find that it willy only not work if your opponent is a Terran building bunkers. Happy hunting!

StarCraft II

Hello again! Just a little update.
This weeks form of SC2 skill improval is watching Pro videos! I'd recommend Husky or Day9!

Happy hunting!